When Legends Gather #271

Salvador Dali and Man Ray

The Art of Jazz #41

Soul Station
(Hank Mobley)
(Blue Note Records; 1960)

The Cool Hall of Fame #86

Eddie Lang

Before and After #72:
Bette Davis



Friends and Family #11
American Mouthpieces #13

Sidney Korshak

They Were an Item #5

Jane Asher and Paul McCartney

G is for Gedney #10

Maid Cleaning Room (1965)

Ziegfeld Girls #5

Myrna Darby

Before and After #71:
John Cale



The Art of Orthodoxy #2

The Presentation in the Temple
(St. Demetrius' Church; Zhohatyn, Poland)
(15th Century)

When Legends Gather #270

Pee Wee Marquette and Count Basie

The Cool Hall of Fame #85

Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey

R is for Rogovin #2

Sugar, with Notebook (1973)

The Present Day Composer #47

Aaron Copland (1900-1990)

They Were an Item #4

Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas (aka Bosie)

The Art of the Centerfold #33

Nancy Jo Hooper
(Miss February, 1964)

Artists in Action #220

Rufus Thomas shows you how to walk that dog

Seminal Image #689

Bike Boy
(Andy Warhol; 1967)

When Legends Gather #268

David Cregan, Jack Shephard, Laurence Olivier, Anthony Page, John Osborne, Christopher Hampton, Joan Plowright, Peter Gill, Jill Bennett, Victor Henry, Edward Bond, Kenneth Haigh.

Woodcut Confidential! #7

Fūryū genji yuki no nagame
(A modern version of the Tale of Genji in snow scenes)
(Toyokuni Utagawa; 1853)

Seminal Image #688

(Julio Medem; 1996)

Artists in Action #219

Scott Walker sings 'Malthilde' on the Dusty Springfield Show in 1967

From the Southern Travellers Handbook for 1965/66 #5

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Every morning, the Southern runs hundreds of trains into London. Virtually all are crowded. Some are jam-packed. Yet, at the same time, an equal number of trains are running almost empty. They are travelling out of London, against the flow.

The Art of Cinema #236

Funny Face
(Stanley Donen; 1957)

Artists in Action #218

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Wanda Jackson

Relevant Quote #91:
Raymond Chandler Birthday Edition

I'm sitting in that office, playing with a dead fly and in pops this dowdy little item from Manhattan, Kansas, and chisels me down to a shopworn twenty to find her brother. He sounds like a creep but she wants to find him. So with this fortune clasped to my chest, I trundle down to Bay City and the routine I go through is so tired I'm half asleep on my feet. I meet nice people, with and without ice picks in their necks. I leave, and I leave myself wide-open too. Then she comes in and takes the twenty away from me and gives me a kiss and gives it back to me because I didn't do a full day's work.

So I go see Dr. Hambleton, retired (and how) optometrist from El Centro, and meet again the new style in neckwear. And I don't tell the cops. I just frisk the customer's toupee and put on an act. Why? Who am I cutting my throat for this time? A blonde with sexy eyes and too many door keys? A girl from Manhattan, Kansas? I don't know. All I know is that something isn't what it seems and the old tired but always reliable hunch tells me that if the hand is played the way it is dealt the wrong person is going to lose the pot. Is that my business? Well, what is my business? Do I know? Did I ever know? Let's not go into that. You're not human tonight, Marlowe. Maybe I never was or ever will be. Maybe I'm an ectoplasm with a private license. Maybe we all get like this in the cold half-lit world where always the wrong thing happens and never the right.
-- Raymond Chandler, The Little Sister

When Legends Gather #267:
Raymond Chandler Birthday Birthday Edition

A congress of Black Mask authors
(yes, that's Dashiell Hammett on the upper right)

Seminal Image #687:
Raymond Chandler birthday edition

The Big Sleep
(Howard Hawks; 1946)

Artists in Action #217:
Raymond Chandler birthday edition

Raymond Chandler ponders petting his cat Taki.

The Art of Cinema #234:
Raymond Chandler Birthday Edition

The Blue Dahlia
(George Marshall; 1946)

Before and After #69 (redux):
Raymond Chandler birthday edition



P is for Pulp #17:
Raymond Chandler Birthday Edition

Black Mask
(November, 1935)

They Were Collaborators #330

Bernadette Lafont and Claude Chabrol

(immense thanks to Jeff Duncanson of Filmscreed for this nurturing image)

The Cool Hall of Fame #84

Dean Martin

The Art of Jazz #40

Overture to Dawn, Vol. 1
(Erroll Garner)
(Blue Note Records; 1952)

The Art of Baseball #5

Henry Aaron (1956)

Seminal Image #686

Biruma no tategoto
(The Burmese Harp)
(Kon Ichikawa; 1956)

When Legends Gather #266

Marlene Dietrich, Basil Rathbone, David O. Selznick and Irene Mayer Selznick

Before and After #68:
Jack Benny