Joints #2

CBGB's owner Hilly Kristal (who passed away earlier this week at the age of 75) sweeps up after what could have been an average or a legendary night.

Seminal Image #725

Hijosen no onna
(Dragnet Girl)
(Yasujiro Ozu; 1933)

They Were Collaborators #358

Edie Sedgwick, Gerard Malanga and The Velvet Undergound

Artists in Action #249

Norman Mailer takes a swing at nothing

The Ink & Paint Set #22

Martha Raye in The Autograph Hound
(Jack King, Disney, 1939)

The Art of Jazz #43

(Shirley Bassey)
(Columbia/EMI; 1961)

Collect 'Em All #35

Norman Foster
No. 20 in a series of 50 from Player's Navy Cut Cigarettes

Born in Richmond, Indiana, on December 13th, 1900, Norman Foster started his career as a newspaper reporter in his native town. Later, going to New York for a better position, he turned to the stage instead, and after a hard struggle, gradually won the position of a popular leading man. He had his first leading film role in Gentlemen of the Press, a talking made at Long Island. Later he was given a Hollywood contract. Among his recent films are State Fair, Orient Express and Strictly Dynamite. His real name is John Hoeffer and he is married to Claudette Colbert.

P Is For Pulp #20

The Tiger in Summer
(by Michael Keon)
(Popular Library; 1954)

Similar Images #6

Can You Take It
(Dave Fleischer; 1934)

La Belle et le Bete
(Jean Cocteau; 1946)

The Friends of Milt Hinton #4

Gene Krupa plays in New York City in 1955.

A Is For Arbus #42

Susan Sontag and her son David (July 1965)

When Legends Gather #290

Martin Sheen and Ava Gardner (and the poor shlub who has to drive them)

C is for Cunningham #8

Sydney at Davenport (1964)

Artists in Action #248

Truman Capote keeps his feet off the floor

The Art of Feminism #6

The Neocons #7

Norman Podhoretz

Broadcasters #24

Art Laboe

The Native-Americana of Edward S. Curtis #8

Hesquiaht woman from the Central Nootka tribe; British Columbia (1916)

The Cool Hall of Fame #94

Chick Webb

The Art of Cinema #251

The Informer
(John Ford; 1935)

Art of the London Underground #23

By J. Hassall; 1908

Through the Lens of Cyril Arapoff #11

A second-hand bookstall. During the 1930's this street market became a mecca for bargain-hunters and antique collectors.

From the Sketch Book of Lawson Wood #18

A story without words

From the Southern Travellers Handbook for 1965/66 #6

First-Class passengers

Although comfortable enough, there is little sociability in a first-class carriage on a railway; everybody seems to have an idea that he is the only one who is really entitled, by payment and position, to a seat therein, and so is afraid of compromising his dignity by speaking. There is consequently no conversation: the heads of the four corner occupants are usually looking out of the windows, and the centre ones look at each other.

Seminal Image #724

Hard Luck
(Buster Keaton, Edward F. Cline; 1921)

The Art of Cinema #250

Aelita: Queen of Mars
(Yakov Protazanov; 1924)

Artists in Action #247

Louis B. Mayer presents a flag to Lon Chaney during filming of Tell It to the Marines.

They Were Collaborators #357

Ginger Rogers, Irving Berlin and Fred Astaire.

Seminal Image #723

The Asphalt Jungle
(John Huston; 1950)

Fun at Bohemian Grove #24

Bohemians feast (1904)

Newspapermen #18

John Reed

The Art of Cinema #249

Ascenseur pour l'échafaud
(Elevator to the Gallows)
(Louis Malle; 1958)

P is for Pulp #18

Famous Fantastic Mysteries
(May-June, 1940)

The Art of the Big Top #11

They Were Collaborators #356

Miles Davis and Bill Evans

Poets are both clean and warm
And most are far above the norm
Whether here or on the roam
Have a poet in every home! #22

Vladimir Mayakovsky

The Art of the Gig #9

They Were an Item #12

Buddy Rogers and Mary Pickford tie the knot.

Collect 'Em All #34

Douglas Fairbanks
No. 19 in a series of 50 from Player's Navy Cut Cigarettes

"Born on May 23rd, 1883 in Denver, Colorado, Douglas Fairbanks studied to become a mining engineer, but changed his mind and went on the stage, leaving in 1915 for screen work. He soon won stardom, becoming famous for his vigourous personality and acrobatic feats upon the screen. Perhaps his most famous silent film was Robin Hood. His talkies include Mr. Robinson Crusoe and The Private Life of Don Juan. In 1920 he married Mary Pickford. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. is his son by his first wife. His brother Robert manages his business affairs."

Adventures in American Filmmaking #81

Today's Adventure: Leslie Howard, Basil Rathbone and John Barrymore confer on the set of George Cukor's 1936 production of Romeo and Juliet. Norma Shearer is nowhere to be seen.

Seminal Image #722

Desperate Journey
(Raoul Walsh; 1942)

The Cool Hall of Fame #93

Porter Wagoner

They Were Collaborators #355

Nelson Riddle, Eva Marie Saint and Paul Newman

The Golden Age of Prurience #42

I Feel It Coming
(Sidney Knight; 1969)

Before and After #83:
Benny Goodman