J.D. Salinger Dies at 91

Well...you can't hide away forever.

Read the New York Times obituary here.

Artists and Animals #47

Johnny Carson finds a way to keep the network rats at bay.

They Were Collaborators #624

Charles Mingus, Roy Haynes, Thelonious Monk and Charlie Parker jam at The Open Door in Greenwich Village, Sept. 1953.

Collect 'Em All #63

Alice White
No. 48 in a series of 50 from Player's Navy Cut Cigarettes
Alice White was born in Paterson, New Jersey, on July 25th, 1907, of French and Italian parents. Her mother, a former chorus girl, died when Alice was only three years of age. After her education at Roanoke College, in Virginia, Alice White took a secretarial course at the Hollywood High School, and later obtained a job as a script clerk in a studio. She obtained an engagement, making her film debut in The Sea Tiger. She won stardom, then for some time was not seen on the screen. She returned for Employees' Entrance and her latest successes include Jimmy the Gent, A Very Honourable Guy and Gift of Gab.

Adventures in American Filmmaking #128

Today's Adventure: Billy Wilder fiddles with a prop on the set of One, Two, Three.

Artists in Action #559

Phil Ochs plays a benefit.

Before and After #214: Jimmy Page



The Art of Post-War American Chic #5

(July, 1953)

When Legends Gather #576

Bob Dylan and Dinah Shore

The Art of Cinema #432

The Mind Reader
(Roy Del Ruth; 1933)

Marilyn in Action #38

Marilyn wills

Visionary Film #29

Father of the Bride
(Vincente Minnelli; 1950)

Home Is Where The Heart Is #5

Jayne Mansfield's Bathroom (1961)
Jayne Mansfield's bathroom (California, 1961)

Authors on Authors #10

"Over and over again, in his description of women I find myself. In his treatment of language, in the poetic intensity of his prose, I find courage for my own writing."
-- Anaïs Nin (on D.H. Lawrence)

Howard Zinn Dies at 87

Goodbye Howard. I owe you one.

Sex Education #150

Stella Stevens

Great Moments in Marketing #29

Dizzy Dean reboots his pitching career, this time with tires.

Treading the Boards #18

To the far right Henry Travers and Josephine Hull head up the original cast of You Can't Take It with You. Click here for the rest of the cast.

F is for Frances McLaughlin-Gill #1

Wicker bag and plaid blanket by Abercrombie & Fitch. Female model wears a fitted grey flannel suit from a Junior Vogue pattern (1947)

Artists in Action #558

Kurt Cobain turns his back to the Word of God

Seminal Image #990

King Lear
(Jean-Luc Godard; 1987)

Adventures in the Vast Wasteland #8

Today's adventure: Mary Ford and Les Paul rehearse under the lights for their imaginatively titled hit show, The Les Paul & Mary Ford Show, also shown in certain markets as Les Paul & Mary Ford at Home. Of course, the immense talents of Les and Mary precluded the need for a catchy title.

The Art of Pop #59

The Heart, the Faith, the Soul of Clara Ward
(Clara Ward)
(Verve, 1966)

Before and After #213: Tuesday Weld



Faces of Science #20

The great Hans Bethe.

Art of the WPA #26


Jean Simmons Dies Aged 80

Jean Simmonds
Read the BBC obituary here.

Artists in Action #557

Bobbie Gentry wears a Dentist's smock . . . and looks damn good in it.

Adventures in American Filmmaking #127

Today's Adventure: Director King Vidor looks down on his stars Renée Adorée and John Gilbert, not because he feels superior to them, although he may, but because they're rolling in the dirt.

The Future is Now #15

The Gunslinger Team has determined, after viewing multiple pieces of evidence, that the "future" in the fifties almost always involved space helmets. I almost feel guilty to the dreamers of that age for not one wearing one.

This Sporting Life #14

The extraordinary Sandy Koufax ices the elbow before fear of a life doped up on cortisone forced him into early retirement after the 1966 season.

Artists on Artists #4

The Art of American Fantasy #43

Tricky: Scenes from a Life #97

In Rome, Tricky attempts to elude the paparazzi (1957)

Artists in Action #556

Jimi Hendrix gazes

The Frame Within the Frame #5

Young Man With a Horn
(Michael Curtiz; 1950)

In the Studio #45

John Lee Hooker

Annals of Public Performance #11

The Hoboken Four perform simultaneously before a live audience and a radio audience courtesy of NBC, 1935. One of them became famous later on although I can't remember which one. Probably the guitarist, certainly not the skinny kid on the right.

Adventures in the Vast Wasteland #7

Today's Adventure: Art Carney and Jackie Gleason make history with every line.

Treading the Boards #17

Mady Christians as "Mama" joins an impossibly young Marlon Brando in the original Broadway production of I Remember Mama. This photo dated 1946. Rest of the cast here.

The Cool Hall of Fame #184

Elmore Leonard

When Legends Gather #575

Dr. Henry A. Kissinger and Liv Ullmann

The Art of the Panel: DC #22

from I Hunted Goliath the Robot
(by Nick Cardy)
(My Greatest Adventure #13; January-February, 1957)

Marilyn in Action #37

Marilyn splashes

Before and After #212: J. Robert Oppenheimer



Artists and Animals #46
Home Is Where The Heart Is #4

Kim Novak's Living Room (California, 1964)

Poets are both clean and warm
And most are far above the norm
Whether here or on the roam
Have a poet in every home! #47

Paul Éluard

Visionary Film #28

Point Blank
(John Boorman; 1967)