The Frame Within the Frame #15

All Fall Down
(John Frankenheimer; 1962)

Nuns Gone Wild! #15

Original Caption:

Seattle -- Sister Mary Paul and a companion sing and play a Bob Dylan song at the 62nd General Convention of the American Episcopal Church, held at the Seattle Center from September 17-27 (1967)

B is for Beaton #30

Greta Garbo

Artists in Action #580

John Osborne ditches his shoes

Jesters of the Republic #45

Berle Cosell and Rickles
Milton Berle and Don Rickles bookend Howard Cosell, sportscaster, intellectual, social commentater and, yes, fellow jester.

The Art of the Centerfold #56

Susie Scott Miss February 1960
Susie Scott (Miss February, 1960)

Artifacts #15

Archie Bunker's Beer
Archie Bunker's Best Quality Beer, along with an ashtray to rest his stogie.

The Gunslinger Guide to Natalie Wood #5

Frankie and Natalie
Sinatra goes for the young blood as he puts his arm around Natalie Wood.

Artists in Action #579

Joan has arrived
Joan arrives. It's time to party!

Annals of Public Performance #22

Yoko and Sean at ArthurFest 2005
Yoko Ono and son Sean Lennon perform at ArthurFest 2005.

Adventures in American Filmmaking #133

This is the Army 1943
Today's Adventure: Michael Curtiz (he's in there somewhere) directs, well, everybody in This is the Army, 1943.

Adventures in the Vast Wasteland #18

prisoners and balloons
Today's Adventure: Number Six (Patrick McGoohan) enjoys the sea air, and a cig, while awaiting instruction on the latest episode of The Prisoner.

Great Moments in Marketing #33

larry flynt
Larry Flynt goes low-tech for this publicity campaign for the latest issue of Hustler, featuring an unwilling Pat Boone.

Adventures in American Filmmaking #132

stamboul quest 01
Today's Adventure: Sam Wood, James Wong Howe and George Brent wait with bated breath to hear what words will emerge from the lovely Myrna Loy's lips, on the set of Stamboul Quest, 1934.

B is for Beaton #29

Lynn Fontanne and Alfred Lunt

Poets are both clean and warm
And most are far above the norm
Whether here or on the roam
Have a poet in every home! #49

Paul Muldoon

Orpheus in Action #19

Orpheus giggles at his manager

They Were Collaborators #642

Audrey Hepburn and William Wyler

Welcome to Show Business! #30

Original Caption:

New York -- Thousands of movie-goers and spectators jammed the Times Square area and the Astor Theatre for the gala premiere of The Beatles' first feature film, "A Hard Day's Night." Milton Berle is shown hamming it up in a Beatle wig and swapping Beatle-talk with moptop fans who had been standing on line since 5 AM.

Seminal Image #1001

Bring Your Smile Along
(Blake Edwards; 1955)

Annals of Crime #85

Original Caption:

Boston -- You can't "place the face" among these four men who are on the way to arraignment in connection with the $1,219,000 Brink's robbery. Manacled and covering their faces are Adolph Maffie, Vincent James Costa, Joseph F. McGinnis, and Michael Vincent Geagan. (1956)

Artists in Action #578

Duke Ellington wishes those people would shut up.

The Cool Hall of Fame #191

Samuel Beckett

The Gunslinger Guide to Catherine Deneuve #6

The Future is Now #24

1958 computer
The Year: 1958. The Machinery: The Ramo-Wooldridge RW-300 Digital Computer. Processing Speed: Unknown, but I bet my kid's DSi could out-perform it in a second.

The Frame Within the Frame #14

Things to Come
(William Cameron Menzies; 1936)

Treading the Boards #26

Where's Charly
Donna Beaumont and Ray Bolger prepare for another performance of Where's Charley, a musical based on the classic farce Charley's Aunt.

The Golden Age of Publicity #32
When Legends Tarzans Gather #593

Jock Mahoney, Johnny Weissmuller, Ron Ely and James Pierce
Jock Mahoney, Johnny Weissmuller, Ron Ely and James Pierce gather in 1966 to promote the new NBC series Tarzan starring Ron Ely.

The Art of the WPA #28

Sing for your supper

This Sporting Life #18

Eric Dickerson breaks O.J. Simpson's single-season rushing record of 2,003 yards
with a 2,105 yard season. He also manages a one-man tribute to eighties fashion
as he poses with his congratulatory cake.

Visionary Film #32

Paura nella città dei morti viventi
(City of the Living Dead)
(Lucio Fulci; 1980)

Poets are both clean and warm
And most are far above the norm
Whether here or on the roam
Have a poet in every home! #48

Frank O'Hara

The Gunslinger Guide to Sophia Loren #11